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Are You Experiencing Headaches and Heartburn in Fleet Maintenance?

If the answer is “NO”

  • You are doing great with your in-house fleet maintenance
  • You rate your shop an 85% or better score
  • You have the technology for tracking the costs into unit cost records for asset management decisions
  • You have optimum use of the manpower hours and tight controls/justifications for OT then you would appear to run a tight ship.
  • Your Service Manager is employing best practices in national parts procurement then it would appear that you are to be commended upon your in-house fleet operation.


If the answer is “YES”, don’t feel bad. You are not alone.

FMCSA, DOT, new truck technology, engine codes, an aging technician workforce, technician turnover, technician recruitment & development, lines at dealerships, both workman’s compensation & liability exposure….the list seems endless.

Transervice’s on-site fleet maintenance program is an alternative.

If your situation is not ideal and if you’d like to learn more about how Transervice has been helping clients such as yours for over 50 years, message [email protected] for more information.

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