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Welcome to Transervice!

We are so thrilled to have you here at Transervice. As you step into your new role, we want you to know that you are now an integral and valued part of our team. We look forward to witnessing your contributions and celebrating your achievements.

Starting a new job can be daunting, but we are here to help you every step of the way.

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Before Your First Day

What do I need to do prior to my first day?

Upon being hired at Transervice, you will be sent post-hire paperwork to complete via Tenstreet. Check your email in the days following being hired to access and complete it.

How can I access my post-hire paperwork?
Shortly after being hired, you will receive an email from Tenstreet containing a link to access your post-hire paperwork. You may complete it on your phone or computer.
I have a question about my post-hire paperwork- who should I contact?
If you have any questions regarding your tax forms, you may watch the tutorial videos on this page. If you have any additional questions or need help completing your forms, reach out to the Transervice recruitment team via email or phone.
I can't make it to my scheduled first day- what should I do?
If a situation arises and you can’t make it to your first day, reach out to your manager to discuss rescheduling.

Your First Day

What do I need to bring for my first day?
On your first day of orientation, you will need to bring government issued identification documents for your I-9. Refer to the I-9 Tutorial video to view the list of acceptable documents.
What should I expect for my first day?
On your first day of orientation, you will be introduced to Transervice, given training on your specific position, and complete post-hire paperwork.
The job isn't like what I expected- what should I do?
Your first few days of work are not necessarily representative of the job. If your concerns persist beyond the first week, don’t be afraid to reach out to your manager and express any thoughts you may have.
What is the dress code or attire expectations for my first day?
Your work attire depends entirely on your job function. If you will be working in our corporate office, business attire is most appropriate. If you will be working out in the field, comfortable but professional attire is suggested (ie. jeans and a collared shirt). You will be fitted for a Transervice uniform during your orientation.

PTO, Benefits, and More

How do I access my time off, benefits, retirement, etc.?
To access your time off, benefits, and more, visit the ADP Self-Service Portal HERE. If you have not already set up your account, follow the instructions to do so.
How do I apply for tuition reimbursement?
Contact HR via email at [email protected]. You will then be contacted by your appropriate HR representative.
Who should I contact in regards to questions about my time off, benefits, retirement, etc.?
If you have questions regarding your time off, benefits, retirement, etc., ask your manager to give you the contact information for the appropriate HR representative.
How can I report workplace issues or conflicts?
To report any workplace issues or conflicts, ask your supervisor for the contact information of your union representative. If your location is not a union, you may report conflicts to HR via email at [email protected].

About Transervice

What are the core values and missions of Transervice?
Our mission at Transervice is to provide our customers with professional services on the most cost-effective basis, while simultaneously recognizing the significant contributions that come from the diversity of individuals and ideas, the knowledge, dedication, teamwork, and constant improvement of every employee is the foundation of our continued success.
What opportunities are there for professional development and career advancement at Transervice?
Transervice prides itself on being a company that facilitates internal growth. We hope that our employees are here to stay, and we provide plenty of opportunities for career advancement. By showing up to work every day, you are already well on your way to advancing within the Transervice team.
Where can I look to find more information about Transervice culture and history?
If you are wanting more information on Transervice, visit our website or browse our social media pages.
How Does Transervice Prioritize My Safety?
To us at Transervice, the safety of our employees and the general public is our top priority. We have some of the best safety ratings in the industry, and it is all thanks to our excellent safety practices. Learn more about safety here

Completing Your Post-Hire Paperwork

Upon being hired at Transervice, you will receive a link to complete your post-hire paperwork via email. It is essential that you complete this paperwork as soon as you can. If you did not receive an email, click the link below to access your paperwork

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