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Handy Hints: What makes you the best candidate?

What makes you the best candidate for this position?

The question that always comes up in interviews and it might make you feel awkward because it is an opportunity to brag on yourself.
The reason employers ask this question is because they need to know what sets you aside from the other qualified candidates.  At this time there are many applicants applying at the same time with the same experience on paper.  This question gives you the opportunity to mention the assets that you have that might not be on your resume but are important and show how you would bring more to the company and will set you apart.
You can use the job description to help brainstorm your skills that will pertain to the job.  This is where you find the words to showcase your abilities.  How you are determined, driven, and provide excellent results.  Do you posses skills that aren’t exactly teachable?– If so this places you in the above average category. Describe how you are a perfect fit for the company.
In the end you are proving to the hiring manager why you should be hired over the other candidates and why you are so valuable. This is your chance to make a pitch about yourself and make your argument about why you are best for the position.
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