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Even though today’s businesses are impacted by constant change, few companies perform Fleet Optimization Analysis on a frequent, or even an annual, basis – presumably because the process is very time-consuming and requires the latest to derive meaningful benefits.

At Transervice, we believe that analysis and adjustment is vital to streamline the tracking of your Key Performance Indicators, and our logistics experts analyze and fine-tune your fleet operation for maximum efficiency.

Our Peerless Fleet Optimization Process Includes:

  • Fleet right-sizing, routing and logistics analysis.
  • Fleet assessment and performance benchmarking against our Best Fleet Practices database.
  • Evaluation of performance improvement opportunities.
  • Operational Cost Analysis
    • Specifications and configurations
    • Equipment utilization
    • Resources review
  • Development of a performance improvement plan that shows where optimization opportunities exist and what financial gains may be realized.
  • Ongoing monitoring to ensure Continuous Improvement in Fleet Optimization – not some of the time, but ALL of the time.

Optional MHE fleet optimization and MHE Maintenance are available to improve the performance of all your fleet equipment, road trucks, and MHE.

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