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Handy Hints: Tips On Advancing Your Career

Tips On Advancing Your Career

Do you find that it’s been a while since you’ve felt challenged? Do you feel you have more to learn and grow to, but are stuck? You’re not alone, and following these tips will help you gain the courage and knowledge to advance your career.

1.Don’t be afraid to speak up, whether that be in a meeting or in a conversation with a boss and/or colleague. Whether it’s a new idea you have, or expressing that you’re deserving of a promotion, put yourself out there! You may find difficulty advancing if you don’t!

2. Strive to do your best work. Even if you don’t love the task you were assigned, or even the job in general, put enthusiasm into your work. Those around you will recognize your positive attitude and work ethic.

3. Really think about your career often. Continue expanding your network and seeking out potential opportunities.

4. Stand out by working harder than everyone around you. You will feel better about yourself, your job, and may even get a raise, promotion, or excellent feedback from your current employer to a new employer.

Maintaining a good relationship with your job, that is the work you do, your coworkers, and your boss, will help you moving forward for references, and continuing to seek out potential opportunities and expanding your network will set you up for the next opportunity whenever you’re ready for it.

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