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Handy Hints: Truck Driver Safety Tips

Being a great truck driver has little to do with how safe you are on the road. Follow these tips to keep you, as well as the public, safe on the road. 


  1. Always wear your seatbelt

Seatbelts are the most effective form of vehicle safety equipment, saving thousands of lives each year. 


2.  Plan your trip

This includes being aware of the weather, the route you will be taking and your driving hours. By managing your driving time, you can avoid stress, fines, and disciplinary action.


3.  Keep your distance

Maintain enough space between you and the vehicle in front of you. The more space there is in front of you, the more time you will have to stop if necessary.


4.  Get comfortable 

It can be difficult to get your seat right. Before beginning your trip, get comfortable, as it will improve your productivity and long term health. 


5.  Check your mirrors often

A truck’s blind spots or “No Zones” are defined as the area around the truck where there’s limited or no visibility. Because the blind spots on a truck are significant, check your mirrors often so you’re aware of the vehicles around you that may be approaching your “no zones”. 


6.  Make sure to get enough rest

When you’re not well rested, you’re at risk of dozing off, and not making the right decision as you may not be thinking straight. Plan to practice defensive driving each and every day you’re on the road.


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