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Handy Hints: Online interview tips

Online interviews have become increasingly popular as our technological world continues to advance, but it wasn’t until 2020 where virtual interviewing became essential for most companies. Virtual interviews have its pros and cons; it’s pros include convenience and cost and time efficient, and cons include occasional technological issues, difficulties understanding people, and the inability of formally being introduced to a team.


Traditional hiring practices have started to make a comeback, however, many now believe that a combination of face-to-face and zoom interviewing will be the new way of recruiting. These advancements aren’t going away in a post-covid world, so now is a good time to think about how to best use them.


  1. Make sure you’re in an appropriate environment

You’re not going to want the background of your interview to be filled with clutter, insinuating that you’re messy, distracting the hiring manager. Instead, find a neutral, and plain background to show the interviewer you are well-organized.  


2.   Eliminate Distractions 

Close any open windows or doors, silence your phone, and make sure the only window open on your computer is the one for your interview. Also, always remember to set-up your computer in a quiet place, as you don’t want any distracting sounds interfering with the success of your interview. If you have kids or pets that may be distracting during your interview, plan to avoid this. 



Speaking into a camera may feel unnatural to you, which can result in wandering eyes and a lack of engagement, stressing more about where you’re looking rather than what you’re saying. Eye contact shows that there is truth in your words as you’re confidently speaking to the hiring manager. 


4.   Be aware of your body language

This includes posture, facial expressions, gestures. If you’re speaking with your hands giving off subtle gestures, sitting up right, and engaging in eye contact, your conveying to the hiring manager that you’re confident, determined, and focused. If you fail to do these things, you’re conveying to the hiring manager that you may be nervous, bored, or insecure. 


5.   Don’t be afraid to ask for something to be repeated.   

It’s better to ask the question to give an answer or answering the wrong question. As human beings, we often misunderstand people or fail to hear something correctly, especially when technology comes to play.


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