Up to 75% of a company’s carbon footprint comes from transportation and logistics. The benefits of your company’s commitment to the environment pays off not only in public relations, but in incremental operational efficiency.

We maximize the greening of your transportation and logistics by analyzing all factors that are likely to have significant impact on your fleet’s fuel consumption, emissions and bottom line. We then collaborate with your company to develop a “lean” approach that will reduce your operation’s carbon footprint.


Here’s are a few things we do to protect the environment in our partners’ communities, and everywhere we do business:

  • We collaborate with customers to identify efficient backhaul opportunities, or by designing a returns logistics program.
  • We specify the most fuel-efficient equipment available.
  • We provide idling control and fuel-efficient training for drivers and equipment operators.
  • We maintain strict EPA, DOT, and OSHA compliance, recycling of every fluid, part and material possible.
  • We look to our suppliers to do their part, such as evaluating their own sustainability efforts in energy, natural resources, materials, people and community.

Contact us to learn why a growing number of leading companies rely on Transervice for complete, turn-key green transportation and logistics.

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