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Handy Hints- Job Hunt

In order to successfully search for a job, it’s suggested you use certain techniques to make you stand out to employers. The following tips will give you a greater chance to get the job you want.

A lot more goes into job hunting than sending out your resume and looking for open positions. It’s important you make sure you’re qualified to perform the tasks the job requires. If you are, those tasks should be highlighted on your resume, when speaking with a potential employer, and during an interview.

  1. Make sure your resume and cover letter are up to date. It also may be beneficial to change some things around depending on the job you’re applying for and what that job entails. It’s critical you do research on the specific job(s) you’re interested in to find out what the requirements/qualifications are.
  2. If you’re applying for several job positions, stay organized. Make sure you know what skills you should be highlighting for each position in order to stand out.
  3. Get someone else to review your resume and cover letter. There may be minor mistakes you overlooked, information that others don’t deem as important, skills that should/shouldn’t be highlighted etc. Although getting a second opinion can be helpful, make sure you’re asking the right people. Be sure to limit those opinions to a select few. Asking too many people will lead to too many corrections, and some advice may be contradictory or given by someone who may be uninformed. Ask a recruiter, as they know what stands out and what’s not important, who will correct any grammatical mistakes, and who knows what skills and background are important to highlight for a specific industry.
  4. Take advantage of all job search options. Utilize job search engines, attend career fairs, and reach out to people you know in the industry who can help you out.
  5. Apply with confidence. Even if you don’t meet all of the requirements but are willing to, apply. Employers are often looking for motivated employees who are looking to learn. Make sure you include this in your resume and/or cover letter. If you believe you can succeed in the role, be confident in stating that.
  6. Don’t slack off in your current job. If you’re unhappy or looking for a change, don’t let that get in the way of your current job responsibilities and work ethic. Job references can be very beneficial for your future, so it’s important you maintain good relationships with coworkers, and show that you’re highly motivated no matter what.
  7. Network and communicate. Interact with individuals online and in person. Connections can be very helpful when looking for a job. Even if they can’t directly help you, they may know someone who can.
  8. Learn new skills. If you’re just entering the workforce, or are doing a career change, you may not have enough experience to be considered or qualified for a job. Think about getting an internship, applying for an entry level position, volunteering with an organization in your industry, take part in workshops, and/or take online courses.

These tips will better prepare you for your employment search to obtain your dream job!

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