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Transervice Associate Goes Above and Beyond to Help Fellow Associate in the Hospital

We at Transervice wanted to mention Tearsa Sloan for going above and beyond to help a fellow associate.

On September 10th the following email was received from Donna Piccardo-Dawes in our Human Resources Department:

The beginning of August we had a situation with one of our Mountain Mechanics.  He became very ill and was hospitalized for quite a bit of time and on meds that did not allow him to be all that coherent.  Tearsa Sloan, the Damage Claims Specialist, works in the mechanic shop and we had several conversations about him and she offered to get the necessary paperwork completed so he could collect his disability and apply for FMLA.

To accomplish this task, Tearsa went to the hospital on August 2nd, 3rd, 5th & 6th in order to get everything he needed to be completed relating to this injury.  The doctor, who was a staff doctor, was not all that cooperative and did not want to complete anything on our mechanic’s behalf, but Tearsa convinced him to do so and sat there just about every day waiting to talk to him.  Tearsa did get all the information and paperwork we needed and we were able to get him his benefits.  Tearsa then went back to the hospital on Saturday, August 7th, to see if our mechanic had any questions or needed anything else.  Tearsa stepped in and made this difficult time easier for him.

Tearsa, we thank you for all you do for the company. You make a tremendous contribution and we would like to take this opportunity to present you with a gift card.

Please see the attached picture of Tearsa and Ronald Reid; Mountain Division Operations Manager.

Gino Fontana, CTP

Chief Operating Officer – Executive Vice President