Handy Hints-Interviewing Tip

#HandyHints:Start off on the right foot by being early to your interview.”


A simple hint, but one that can really pack a punch. Here me out….

Being early to your interview, this can prove beneficial in two ways, first you look punctual and on point, and two you won’t be sweaty, nervous and flustered.

We’ve all been there, day of an interview, especially if it’s an important one always seems to be a stressful day and occasionally it’s one of those epic Murphy’s Law kind of days where the universe seems against you. 

So, we say take back the control and don’t let the universe win. You win instead. Set yourself up for success from the start. Early to bed…early to rise…give yourself plenty of time to sleep so you’re refreshed and aren’t hitting snooze a million times.  Give yourself plenty of time to get ready so you can look as put together as you can. Give yourself time to eat, and MOST importantly-give yourself time to combat all of those things that are trying to go wrong. Like your car problems, traffic woes, parking issues, getting lost etc. Think of all the possible things that could make this day stressful and come up with a plan to overcome them one by one. Set yourself up for the win. 

Unlike all the other interviewees who come rolling in last minute because they didn’t read these handy hints. Take the extra time to get prepped mentally and give yourself time to get to your interview cool, calm collected and early so you aren’t starting off behind, but coming in full force.

Oh and one last BONUS tip because we’re all friends here…avoid playing on your phone to pass the time. 

Instead, read over your notes, mentally game plan the interview, study your competition, assess the office and the atmosphere of the work environment. See how the employees interact with each other. Do some recon, be productive, but most of all, be alert and present when they call your name. 

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