Whether you’ve hit pause on your job search during the pandemic or lost hope and therefore gave up, keep putting your name out there to potential employers or people in your network. 


The pandemic has affected us all, some in different ways than others. One thing that many people have had trouble with during the pandemic has been keeping their jobs, finding new employment, or landing their first job. You may have found that there are more open positions and companies hiring in one industry compared to others, and therefore made a career change you’re not necessarily stoked about. Remember that you are not alone.


No matter what your situation may be with your current work life or job search, if you’re seeking employment, put yourself out there! Even if you know a particular industry or company is on hold with hiring, this isn’t permanent. As much as we need jobs, businesses need employees. Once work life starts to go back to normal, businesses that weren’t hiring before will likely be hiring again. By putting yourself out there now, you’re showing interest in the company, and giving yourself the opportunity for your information to be kept on file. This means that when the time comes for a position to open, the company will either reach out to you, or you can reach back out again showing your interest. Remember to show your interest without coming off as desperate!


Although the pandemic has stripped many of their jobs, continuing to send your resume to hiring managers will give you a great chance of setting yourself up for future success once normalcy returns.

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