As individuals and companies adapt to this virus, so does the hiring process. Yes, due to COVID-19, a lot of companies aren’t looking to hire at the moment, but there are a lot of companies who are actually actively seeking employment. Companies cannot function without employees, so don’t hit pause on your job search.

Be prepared that the hiring process may take longer than usual, but don’t let that get in the way of your goals and aspirations. Remain aware that the hiring process is constantly changing, and especially right now, differs depending on the company. Stay positive, motivated, and determined. Continue applying for jobs, be patient, and your efforts will pay off.


Don’t get discouraged when you don’t hear back from a hiring manager shortly after an interview.


  1. Expect to apply for several more jobs than you had planned to


  1. Be mindful that the hiring process may take longer than usual


  1. Make sure you take the virtual interviews, phone calls, etc. just as seriously as you would take an in person interview.


  1. Use Glassdoor, Indeed, Facebook jobs, etc.


  1. Get comfortable with online networking and use your connection! Your connect may not have something for you, but may be able to connect you with others.


  1. Stay in touch with the companies you have been in contact with. If you don’t hear back for some time, send an email showing your interest.


  1. Be ready for the hiring process to take longer


  1. Do some research on companies that are hiring. There are particular industries that are actively looking for new employees.


Never lose sight of what you’re in control of such as improving your skills and reaching out to your network. Set yourself up so that when this is all over your doors are wide open.

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