Kari Beeson – Sr. Director of Recruitment

Not too long ago, fleets looking to attract drivers and technicians used formats that differ from the 21st century paradigm of today. Placing ads in local newspapers, displaying brochures at truck stops, advertising on the radio, as well as, word of mouth were the most popular ways recruiters would share that they were hiring. Additionally, the job applicants were able to walk in, fill out an application, and even meet with the manager right away. As society started to shift, the process of finding those perfect candidates did as well.

So to say the recruiting and hiring process has been turned on its head is an understatement as the driver and technician shortage has forced us to re-evaluate not only how we source candidates, but also who we decide to hire.

Recruiting for drivers and technicians is now primarily driven by technology. Nearly 70% of the applicants who apply for a position use their smartphone and that has become the norm when trying to engage and attract candidates. This tool has given us the ability to target our communication style more productively, segment our audiences, identify promising leads and use data to make smarter recruiting decisions. Finding drivers and technicians is statistically no longer a low-tech game.

All of this is to say that Transervice is in a unique position, unlike other carriers and full-service maintenance companies.  Why are we so unique?  It starts with the leadership of our organization who have created a strong culture of engagement, fostered a sense of loyalty, collaboration and creativity from its employees unlike any in the industry. From the top executives to the critical management teams in the field, this culture of engagement has been accomplished by the way our organization conducts its business, treats its employees and customers. Everyone at Transervice understands what is expected of them and we are all working toward one goal: the success of Transervice and its customers, which means as employees, we are successful in our careers.

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