This week is National Truck Appreciation Week! An annual tradition, and one of our favorite weeks to celebrate here at Transervice Logistics, because it gives us a chance to say Thank You to the many men and women not only in our organization, but around the country who work tirelessly to keep this company, our communities, and this nation running. 



Throughout the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico, Transervice is proud to employ 850 drivers, mechanics and technicians across 82 locations and we couldn’t be prouder of every single one of them. 

As we take this week to recognize America’s professional truck drivers, especially those here at Transervice, we realize that there’s no way we could truly do that without also recognizing the amazing men and women behind the scenes-our Mechanics and Technicians who work just as hard and are just as committed in the work they do to keep our team of drivers safely on the road. 

So this week, we salute you both as part of the same winning team here at Transervice and beyond. These amazing men and women on the front lines of the transportation industry work day in and day out to tackle one of the country’s most demanding and important jobs. Even in today’s pandemic times of uncertainty, they did not stop and showed us and this country what being truly “Essential” looks like and what our men and women in the transportation industry can do. Longer hours, longer hauls, longer shifts, whatever it has taken, and it has been extremely difficult over the last several months this boots on the ground team of Truckers and Mechanics has done what they’ve had to do to ensure that we had what we needed. 



2020 to say the least has been a significant year in the country and in the transportation arena and our drivers and mechanics have stepped up to serve. Now it’s time that we all do our part in showing gratitude and appreciation to these essential workers.

 To all you Drivers and Mechanics, your hard work, dedication, and perseverance does not go unnoticed, we thank you and we salute you!


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